Certification service for System Dynamics related open source tools

Key strengths of open source tools, maintained and supported by various communities are motivation and team spirit which drive all activities around them. Unlike many commercial tools, free software developed for quality and to help people. This works perfectly when such instruments are treated as a separate tools. Things are slightly changing when we are starting to talk about building a complete eco-system from number of great tools available around.

At sdCloud we are mostly interesting to build an open source landscape with number free and community supported tools allowing to cover almost all areas around System Dynamics modeling making it available and affordable for everyone who wants to use this approach for learning, teaching and understanding the world.

To help all available to tools to evolve, became more stable, robust and mature, we agreed with Syste Dynamics Tools Committee to develop a service that will perform centralized benchmarking and testing of available open source solutions publicly and on a regular basis.

Goal of the project is to provide tools developers and maintainers a an overview of how their creatures are behaving, to make easy for them to define most important directions for evolution and growth. In the same time, presence of such regular reports will help tools users and potential users to easily define an instrument that fits best their current needs and will allow to make dialog between tools consumers and developers easier.

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