An adaptive security System for optimum inter-domain Virtual Machines (VM) migration management in dynamic cloud environment

In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the Internet-enabled devices which are used for cooperative data sharing and information processing by the end users from different network locations. These devices may generate a lot of data which varies with respect to the volume, velocity, variety, varcity, and value. Physical hosts consume large amount of energy in data centers and hence using optimum number of physical hosts will reduce total energy consumption by data center. Efficient VM allocation problem is the most important challenges of infrastructure as a service layer in cloud computing. The number of physical hosts can be reduced by migrating under load machines and switching them off. VM migration should also be carried out if physical host is over loaded and QoS are degrading due to this. This VM migration can be inter data centers or intra data centers. Apart from VM migration, another danger is security of user's data during inter data centers migration because these migration happens on public cloud system. Security of one domain player may affect the security of others. The incorporation of adaptive security approaches on various hosts in Data Centers will help protecting data during the migration phase.

In this project, we will consider important issues like how to allocate VM for initial user's service request. When user's request is running on cloud and data center take decision to migrate VM due to under or over load of physical service, selection of destination VM for migration is a challenge. A method will be proposed to optimally select VM to which user's data can me migrated optimally. During the process of data migration, its security will be the most important issue. In the dynamic cloud environment various data center resources, such as compute, networking and storage automatically provision and adjust itself as workload demands change. To handle the data security issue in such environment, a self adaptive framework will be proposed which will take care of security of migrating data.

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