An adaptive security System for optimum inter-domain Virtual Machines (VM) migration management in dynamic cloud environment
28 January 2019
UG student Mr. Gagandeep Singh joined Thapar team
11 January 2019
PhD student Ms. Aashima Sharma joined Thapar team
27 November 2018
DST funding to support part of our team located in Thapar Institute were sunctioned
29 October 2018
Russian part of the team was visiting Thapar Institute during week of 29th of October. This was an interesting and very useful trip during which we perfromed a chain of project related meetings and discussions. Also meetings with studens were perfromed.
11 July 2018
Part of the project team located in India received selection notification
8 July 2018
Russian path of the team received a notification from RFBR that decision was made to support